On terrorists

you, with the pale skin
blue eyes
blonde hair
how could you possibly be
a terrorist?

I mean, terrorists
have brown skin
brown eyes
dark hair
call their God ‘Allah’
and follow the Koran.
(no matter that the Koran teaches
peace and love
– so how can they actually be following it?)

you are British, not ‘British born’
‘British born’ means
‘born here, but still doesn’t belong’

you are not a terrorist
you are white
so you…must be a ‘lone wolf’
must have a mental illness
(no matter that
those who ARE ill
are far more likely to be a victim of a crime
than commit one.)

you are not a terrorist
though you have committed an act that has terrorised.
people will make excuses for you
thanks to your religion (or lack of it)
the colour of your skin
how is this fair?
oh, that’s right
it’s not.


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